KH93B Black Eminent 65cm Luxury TPO 4-Wheel Trolley Case

$229.99 $429

Features: This top-end high-quality luggage has every feature you will require. Eminent make luggage for Samsonite and this new material TPO is light, tough, and eco-friendly sitting amongst the world’s best materials. This luggage features twin shell packing, integrated TSA locks, and an expander (which adds 4cm for extra packing).

Dimensions: 65CM x 43cm x 26cm + 4cm, 75 litres, 3.2kgs

Material: TPO was developed for the car industry to meet the demand for an extremely light, durable, tough, and at the same time sustainable material. Engineered from High-Tech compounded Thermo-Poly Olefin, developed to be UV-resistant and Eco-friendly TPO is the toughest material luggage can be made from.

World's best material warranty: 10 years

Best priced top end-Quality bag in NZ at $229.99, limited qty's

Product code: KH93B Black

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